Tuscarawas County Truck Accident Attorney


Truck Accident Attorney

Being injured in a truck accident can be a terrifying and traumatizing experience, and the shock of it could follow you for some time afterward. The moment the truck lost control and caused the accident, undoubtedly you might have felt hopeless in those moments before impact. To help ease your pain and compensate for your injuries, you should call upon a personal injury lawyer for assistance. The quicker you can get back on your feet, the quicker you can return to living your life.


Trucks share the highways everyday with passengers going along their everyday commutes. Truck drivers often have strict delivery schedules to abide by and deadlines to make. The pressure of trying to meet these deadlines can often lead a driver to make illegal driving maneuvers, such as speeding, or lose control of the truck altogether, due to improper maintenance of the truck.

Some of the most common accidents that can occur from trucks include:

  • Rollovers
  • Rear-ending the vehicle in front
  • Collision due to failing to see other vehicles in blind spots
  • Brake failures
  • Lost cargo causing other vehicles to collide

If you were injured due to any of these accidents, or any other trucking accident, you should contact a Stark County personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to advocate for you. We can help you take action against the driver, trucking company, or any party that contributed to your accident.


Henson, Houston & Bostock has over 25 years of experience working on personal injury cases and proudly serve clients in Summit, Stark, Tuscarawas Counties. Your quality of life can suffer tremendously without proper compensation to assist with your medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and other strains on your finances. When you need an experienced and dedicated team on your side, look no further than our firm.

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